These MakerSpace Terms of Service set out what you can expect from us, your responsibilities when using a MakerSpace at Eagle Labs, and our legal rights and obligations towards each other.

These MakerSpace Terms of Use apply to your use of any Eagle Lab MakerSpace and constitute a legal agreement between you and us for your use of an Eagle Lab MakerSpace. Please read them carefully.

By using an Eagle Lab MakerSpace you agree to be bound by these MakerSpace Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy which can be found at privacy-policy. If there’s anything you're not clear about, please talk to a member of Eagle Lab staff before using a MakerSpace.

References to ‘You’ or ‘Your’ are to the Customer details provided to us in the applicable Customer Acknowledgment, references to ‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘we’ are to Barclays Bank UK PLC. References to ‘Hire Form’ are to the form for Equipment hire, Engineer Support and Materials emailed to you along with these MakerSpace Terms of Service and any other terms, at the time of booking. References to ‘Rate Card’ are to the current standard charges a particular Eagle Lab MakerSpace may charge for its Equipment, Engineer Support and Materials. The most recent version of which is available here what-we-offer/prototyping, any services and materials not mentioned here are available at each Eagle Lab MakerSpace on request.

Your Hire Form and Customer Acknowledgment, together with these MakerSpace Terms of Service and the General Terms (and any policies referred in each), each as may be updated from time to time, forms a contract between the Customer and Barclays for the use of the Eagle Lab space and is referred to in these MakerSpace Terms of Service as your “Hire Agreement”. In case of an inconsistency between the Terms of Service and the Hire Form, the relevant Hire Form shall apply to the extent of that inconsistency.

From time to time, we may contact you about Eagle Lab MakerSpaces by email, text or other messages or by telephone or post. Sometimes, these may be marketing messages if you have not opted out of receiving these.

You don’t have to keep receiving these messages if you don’t want them. If you don’t want to receive marketing messages, you can tell us at any time by contacting us on our normal contact number. You can also text STOP in response to marketing text messages or follow any other instructions we include to unsubscribe.

What we offer in our Makerspaces

Before you use a MakerSpace you will need to contact the relevant Eagle Lab to book your space and discuss your needs. Please see locations and click on the link to the relevant MakerSpace for contact details. You should book your visit, including any Equipment, Materials or Engineer Support you want to use, before you visit the MakerSpace. If you don’t book, the MakerSpace may not be available.

Each time you book, you must receive a new Hire Form and accept the MakerSpace Terms of Service and General Terms. Each of these then forms part of our legal agreement with you.
Booking a Makerspace

Before you use a MakerSpace you will need to contact the relevant Eagle Lab to book your space and discuss your needs. Please see locations and click on the link to the relevant MakerSpace for contact details. You should book your visit, including any Equipment, Materials or Engineer Support you want to use, before you visit the MakerSpace. If you don’t book, the MakerSpace may not be available.

Each time you book, you must receive a new Hire Form and accept the MakerSpace Terms of Service and General Terms. Each of these then forms part of our legal agreement with you.
Paying for your use of the MakerSpace

Our Charges - In return for your use of the equipment, materials and services we supply to you, you will pay the Charges set out in your Hire Form. This is an estimate and the final amount payable by you may be higher – any additional amounts will be based on our Rate Card (and any other standard rates we notify to you from time to time).

Rate Card - You can get the most recent version of our Rate Card by going here: what-we-offer/prototyping. We may change the prices on our Rate Card from time to time without notice (except where you have agreed certain Charges in your Hire Form with us already). 

Invoicing - All Charges for use of an Eagle Lab MakerSpace, our Services, our Equipment and any materials we supply to you, are payable:

At the time of your visit; or

  • Where we agree in writing to invoice you, then on the date the relevant invoice says it is due (or, if no due date is stated, within 14 days of its issue).  We will usually invoice you within 48 hours of your visit.
  • We may agree to discount or waive our Charges for a particular Hire Form from time to time. However, we are under no obligation to do so.

Use of the MakerSpace Equipment

Induction - You will need to undertake a health and safety induction before using a MakerSpace and sign a separate induction attestation if you have not already done so. Any person that has not undertaken the necessary induction and training will not be allowed to use the MakerSpace. Please contact the MakerSpace you wish to use to arrange your induction before your visit.

Supervision - Barclays Equipment must only be operated by an adult. The Eagle Labs team will check your ability to operate the Equipment independently, and a decision to grant access to operate the Equipment without the supervision of the Eagle Labs team will be at the sole discretion of Barclays. Minors (those under 18 years of age) must not operate any Equipment.

Consents - You confirm you have all necessary regulatory licences, consents, permits and/or insurance required for your Booking and/or use of the Barclays Eagle Lab Space, Barclays Equipment and Services and any Customer Equipment.

Health & Safety and Instructions - You must comply with our health and safety and security policies at all times. A copy of these will be given to you as part of your health and safety induction, and are available from each Eagle Lab MakerSpace at any time on request. You should carefully follow our instructions when accessing or using the MakerSpace. These requirements are to avoid injury to yourself and others, and loss of, or damage to, Your Products or your Materials. You must tell us immediately about any accident, near miss or malfunction of the Equipment. Barclays Equipment is to be operated as per manufacturer’s instructions, and must be switched off after use.  Overnight manufacturing, including 3D printing, is not permitted.

Set-up time - Our engineers may need to set up the Equipment for use by you. Any set up or reinstatement required will be carried out during your allocated time slot.

Third party equipment - Some of the Equipment that you use may be supplied by someone other than us and you may be required to comply with separate terms applying to the use of that Equipment. You must read any terms and conditions that apply to your use of that equipment carefully before you use it, and ensure that you comply with those terms. You should not use equipment which is owned by other users of the MakerSpace.

Suitability - We give no guarantee that any Equipment will perform to a particular standard or meet your requirements. It is your responsibility to decide whether the Equipment is suitable for your needs.

Availability - We give no guarantee that any particular Equipment will be available for use. Equipment can be withdrawn by us at any time, and we may deny you access to any Equipment at any time for any reason. We will refund any amounts you have already paid for the use of any Equipment if the Equipment is not available other than as a result of your actions or failure to comply with these Terms of Service.

Standard of Barclays’ provision - We warrant that we will provide the Eagle Lab MakerSpaces, the Services and the Equipment with reasonable care and skill, and in accordance with these Terms of Use.

Conduct when using our MakerSpace – your use of our MakerSpace (including any Equipment, Services and Materials) is subject to our Code of Conduct, which can be found here:

Damage – You will be responsible for any damage to the Barclays Eagle Lab Space, Barclays Equipment or property and Customer Equipment within the Barclays’ Premises that you, or any Customer Personnel or guests cause, including where this is caused by Customer Equipment.

Indemnity - You will indemnify (and pay) Barclays, its officers, employees, contractors and agents against any loss or liability which Barclays incurs as a result of any act or omission by you (or your personnel or guests) including, without limitation, any loss or liability in respect of any damage to the Barclays Eagle Lab Space, Barclays Equipment, Services or Barclays’ Premises caused by you (or any Customer Personnel or guests) or any use of the Customer Equipment, and any third party claims in relation to any products designed and/or produced by you (or your personnel or guests) using the Barclays Eagle Lab Space.

Our rights to stop you using a MakerSpace - We can stop you using an Eagle Lab MakerSpace, or your booking may be declined, if:

  • the Eagle Lab MakerSpace is full, closed or unavailable;
  • the Equipment, Engineer Support or materials you wish to use are unavailable;
  • we reasonably think admitting you or allowing you to stay or use certain Equipment may cause a health or safety risk; or
  • you do anything which would give us a right to terminate your Hire Agreement in the “Ending your Agreement” section of the General Terms.

Provision of materials

Our supply to you - If requested by you, we may supply materials to you for use as part of Your Product. We only supply a selected range of materials and give no guarantee that any materials we supply will meet your requirements. It is your responsibility to decide whether the materials we offer are suitable for your needs. 

Subject to Availability - Before your visit you must check with the relevant Eagle Lab MakerSpace what materials are available, and order any materials in advance.  We cannot guarantee availability of any particular materials not ordered in advance of your visit.

Payment for Materials - We will inform you of the cost of any materials that we supply before you place your order with us.  Any materials must be paid for by you when we supply them to you. If you use any materials that we supply to you before you pay for them, you will be required to pay for the materials in full. Ownership in any materials that we supply to you will transfer to you when you pay for them.

Engineer Support

Support you may request - You may request for a member of the Eagle Lab MakerSpaces staff to provide the following Engineer Support:

  • To provide you with support and training in order for you to use the Equipment. Once you’ve been provided with the relevant Equipment training, you may access the Equipment for you to produce Your Product.
  • To provide you with design support in helping you to design Your Product, or to design Your Product for you.
  • To assist you in producing Your Product, or to produce Your Product for you to your approved design, using the Equipment.

Subject to availability - Our ability to provide Engineer Support depends on (amongst other things) the availability and expertise of the MakerSpace engineers, and the functionality of the Equipment. In addition, the Engineer Support is provided at our sole discretion. We can choose not to provide any Engineer Support at any time, for any reason and we do not guarantee that the above Engineer Support will be available at any particular MakerSpace.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Using third party rights - Do not use the Equipment to copy any product or idea that belongs to a third party. MakerSpaces are only to be used for the development of your own original ideas or Prototype Products. In the event that a third party also has rights to the intellectual property in your idea or Your Product, you must ensure that all necessary consents and/or licences are obtained from that third party, prior to developing and/or using that idea or product at a MakerSpace.
  • Ownership of Your Product - As between you and us, you will own all the intellectual property rights in Your Product, regardless of the support provided to you by the MakerSpaces staff in developing or designing your idea or Your Product. We will not replicate your concepts, designs or Your Product for any purpose without seeking your express permission to do so.
  • Our existing intellectual property rights - You acknowledge that we and our MakerSpaces staff have certain knowledge, skills and intellectual property rights that we or our MakerSpaces Staff own or control prior to, or outside of, any support or assistance that might be provided to you specifically in respect of Your Product. Ownership of these rights will remain with us at all times.
  • Protecting Your Product - Using an Eagle Lab MakerSpace to develop your designs or to produce a Prototype Product may count as a public disclosure of your ideas. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate intellectual property protection in place. Failure to obtain the appropriate protection may affect your ability to protect your design or product in the future. We recommend that you seek legal advice in advance of using a MakerSpace to determine the appropriate level of protection, however note that our engineers will not be able to sign any non-disclosure agreements with you.

Your Prototype

Internal business use only - Your Product is for your personal use or for internal use by your business only. You must not use Eagle Lab MakerSpaces to design or make any product other than individual early-stage Prototype Products, and you must not sell or supply any products designed or made using our Equipment to any other person. 

Advice and Materials supplier to you - Except where you have asked us to provide specific advice as to the suitability of a particular material for Your Product, we will not be liable to you if any materials that we supply to you are not of satisfactory quality or fit for purpose for use as part of a Your Product.

Association with your Product - You must not associate us, or any member of Barclays Group, with Your Product or with any products that you may go on to produce based on Your Product or the design, using third party equipment or facilities. This means that you must not print our name, logo or branding (or that any other member of Barclays Group) on Your Product, or any other product that you may go on to make, or on any packaging or associated printed material, and you must not hold us out verbally or in any written or printed material as having any involvement in the design or production of Your Product.

Legal requirements to make your Product - It is your responsibility to (i) know about any regulations and standards that might apply to Your Product (including any products that you may go on to produce or market based on Your Product,) and (ii) ensure that Your Product complies with all applicable regulations and standards. For example, there may be certain health and safety standards that might apply to Your Product, or you might require a licence to design, make or export Your Product. You must obtain all required licences before using Eagle Lab MakerSpaces to design or create Your Product.

Customer Equipment

If you wish to bring in any of your own equipment to the MakerSpace, Barclays must first approve this and it must be listed as ‘Customer Equipment’ in your Hire Form (“Customer Equipment”). All references to Equipment in these T&Cs shall include Customer Equipment where you have brought Customer Equipment into a MakerSpace.

  • Exclusive use by Customer - Customer Equipment should be exclusively used by you, you must not allow anyone else to use Customer Equipment whilst it is in the MakerSpace. In addition, you must clearly mark any Customer Equipment as your exclusive property and not for use by other users of the Barclays Eagle Lab Space, and, to the extent possible, ensure that Customer Equipment is locked-off, using lockable kill-switches provided by Barclays, and segregated from other Barclays Equipment in your own office space at the end of each period of use.
  • Training – You must have undertaken manufacturer level training prior to operating any Customer Equipment.
  • Maintenance – You must regularly service and maintain any Customer Equipment in good working order, operate it only in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and immediately cease all use of the Customer Equipment if any fault is detected.
  • Responsibility - Barclays are not responsible for your use, storage and/or the security of your Customer Equipment.