The creation of some of our Eagle Labs sites has only been made possible thanks to the availability of underutilised space across our estate. Unfortunately, this means that in some cases we have inherited historical ‘back office areas’ or very old premises which don’t have the same high levels of physical access we would usually strive for.

For details of the level access provisions across the Eagle Lab sites, please refer to the table below, or if you have a specific question about accessibility you can contact the Barclays Accessibility Team.

Further detailed access information for each location can be found on the individual Eagle Lab pages for each site.

Eagle Lab location Level access Accessible toilet Disabled parking Hearing Loop
Aberdeen Yes Yes No No
Belfast Yes Yes No No
Bournemouth Yes Yes Yes No
Brighton Partial Yes No No
Burnley Yes Yes Yes No
Cambridge No No No Yes
Cardiff Yes Yes Located nearby No
Cranfield Yes Yes Yes No
Cumbria Yes Yes Located neaby No
Edinburgh Yes Yes No No
Guernsey Yes Yes Located nearby No
Hull Yes Yes Located nearby No
Isle of Man Yes Yes No No
Jersey Yes Yes Yes No
Kilmarnock Yes Yes Yes No
Leeds Lift access Yes No No
Lincoln Yes Yes Yes No
Liverpool Yes Yes Yes on request No
Newcastle Lift access Lift access No No
Northallerton Yes Yes Nearby No
Oxford Lift access Yes Yes Yes
Sheffield Lift access Lift access No No
Southampton Lift access Lift access No No
Stratford (Plexal) Yes Yes Yes No