Economic game changers for 2021: Covid, Brexit, and a new US president

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William Hobbs, Chief Investment Officer for Barclays Investment Solutions, on the major economic trends that startup founders need to consider in 2021

Watch time: 5 minutes

  • The expected timeline for Covid to dominate global economy
  • Why the next US regime may not be as easy to predict as expected
  • The Brexit options and the importance of geography in trade

In this video Hobbs lays out his considered analysis on how the separate issues of Covid, Brexit, and a new US president will shape the next 12 months.

“We expect the pandemic to still be the major issue for the global economy for much of next year. Even on the most ambitious, seamless vaccine distribution narratives, you're still looking at in the UK and the US, end of summer before you approach herd immunity territory,” says Hobbs.




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