Pay it forward: An investor’s experience to mentoring startups


As a founder, investor and mentor, Muhammad Altalib has worked on all sides of the startup spectrum. Here, he talks about how investors can bring unique experience to a startup and why those in the startup ecosystem should look to pay it forward.

Muhammad Altalib is a startup founder, investor and mentor. In 2017, he co-founded Scaffolding Online—a procurement service for the scaffolding industry. In 2018, he launched Seedlink, a mobile platform that offers small-scale farmers a reliable way to trade. Today, he works as an investment associate at IFG, a group of founders and angels who invest in startups.

In this video, Altalib explains why mentors are so important to startup founders, particularly in the early years. He also explains why founders and investors make the best mentors — and provides some practical tips on how to deal with your mentees.




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