Cathy Craig on being a female founder


Cathy Craig, co-founder and CEO of INCISIV and professor of psychology at Ulster University, on being a female founder and why launching a startup is often a story of personal development.

Over the past 20 years, Professor Cathy Craig has conducted research into understanding why people move. She was one of the first people to use virtual reality technology to improve our understanding of decision-making in sport. In 2018, she launched INCISIV Sport — a Belfast-based, neuro-technology startup that has developed a platform to measure and improve neural fitness, where the main applications are primarily in sport and health.

Being a psychologist, Craig explains why founding a startup is often a story of personal development — and why those with a good idea should always take the leap.

“When you launch a startup, no matter what happens, you’ll have progressed; you’ll have changed in a way, you’ll have learned new skills, you’ll have met new people, and all of that is about personal development,” she says.

Watch the full video interview to hear about her personal journey as a female founder.




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