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Caroline Laurenson & Thomas Laurenson, founders of TL Tech Ltd, chat to Eagle Labs HealthTech about their company.

Tell us about TL Tech

TL Tech transform lives with smart home technologies. Our mission is to create a world where Smart Meets Kind® which empowers people regardless of age, technical ability or finances to adopt digital solutions and create a unique caring and entertaining home environment.

TL Tech are the creators of Kindspace. Kindspace is a holistic wellbeing skill for Amazon Alexa, designed to track and improve wellbeing. It raises awareness of key wellbeing indicators and supports the formation of new habits.

When did you start your business?

Incorporated in 2016.

What's been your biggest highlight

Building a team. Launching Kindspace in the Amazon Alexa skill store.

What's been your biggest challenge?

Raising visibility of our brand and the Kindspace voice application.

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

Build your support network, people that can support you emotionally and practically. If you can find a co-founder to share the journey. Don't be afraid of launching something that isn't perfect, get it out there and then work with customers to incorporate feedback.


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