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Ravi Kumar - Founder & CEO, Prof Rajiv Jalan - Founder & Director,  Mr Ravan Boddu - Founder, Director & Chief Operating Officer talk to Eagle Labs HealthTech about CyberLiver.

Tell us about CyberLiver.

We are developing Prescription Digital Therapeutics aimed at monitoring, managing and treating chronic and advanced liver disease. Our mission is to halt or reverse the progression of the disease, improve outcomes for patients, reduce the burden of the disease on healthcare providers and make the management of the disease cost-effective for payers.

When did you start your business?


What's been your biggest highlight

We are very proud of the acknowledgment from The Health Foundation, National Institute for Health Research and Innovate UK in recognising our product innovation and supporting our clinical trails of AlcoChange and CirrhoCare programs.

What's been your biggest challenge?

Prescription Digital Therapeutics is a new therapetuic class that is fast emerging, understanding the regulatory, commercial and reimbursement pathways in each terrioty conitnues to be a challenge.

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

Follow your passion, Believe in your vision, Constantly learn from others, Don't rest until your value propositon, Product/Market fit are evidenced.

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