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Digital Bucket Company


We believe by harnessing data and technology we can deliver impactful results to make a more sustainable world.

Digital Bucket Company was founded by Humayun Qureshi and Kwame Dublin. With backgrounds in policy and fundraising they understood there was a disparity between the way ordinary society and big tech companies used Data. Spending 6 years to research about Big Data and building a network of industry leaders, they launched Digital Bucket Company in 2019.

We are a start up with a big passion for sustainability and innovation. We are already contributing to global challenges where we have recently teamed up with the Cop26, United Nations and the European Commission. Our focus has been to discover ways we can leverage data and innovation to bring down carbon emissions by 2025, 2030 with the big aim for zero carbon by 2050 in guidelines with the governmental bodies.

As, a start-up we have a vision to make a world a better place and to leave a legacy in the work we deliver. So, it is obvious why we are focusing on solving sustainability problems with Data and Innovation to have a positive impact on the world. We believe good data combined with the right technology can deliver solutions for the most complex of challenges.

We are proud to inform you we have developed a solution that allows for uniform reliability of renewable energy and high efficiency of energy use in properties of any scale. Our data driven approach that demonstrated to homes and business owners that they can be self-sufficient in the electricity they use, with some who didn't use electricity for 75% of the year. We would welcome you on our journey to help build a carbon neutral world.

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