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This year's programme will be delivered as online workshops covering specialist learning subjects for the first eight weeks. In week 4, having had the opportunity to learn what funding options may be right for your business, founders can apply for dedicated grant funding or crowdfunding 1:1 mentoring.

Tailored equity investment support will be available in the autumn season of the programme, registration for which will open this summer.

The table below indicates the structure of your learning and commitment to the programme over the course of the programme. Each session is typically 1 hour long. The programme has been designed to be flexible and participants can choose the sessions they wish to join based on what is relevant to them and their business.

Week 1

Date Name
Monday 19 April Welcome Webinar
Tuesday 20 April Introduction to the Investment Landscape
Wednesday 21 April Introduction to Grant Funding
Thursday 22 April Should you Seek Investment?
Friday 23 April Introduction to Crowdfunding

First Networking Event

Week 2

Date Name
Tuesday 27 April What your Deck should look like
Thursday 29 April What the ideal Team looks like

Week 3

Date Name
Tuesday 4 May Angel Investor: Ask Me Anything
Wednesday 5 May Seed Investor: Ask Me Anything
Thursday 6 May Proving the Market
Friday 7 May Creating a Strong Business Model

Week 4

Date Name
Monday 10 May Raising a Series A round
Wednesday 12 May Grant Funding 'Ask Me Anything'
Thursday 13 May Crowdfunding 'Ask Me Anything'

Week 5

Date Name
Tuesday 18 May Series A & Beyond Investor Panel
Thursday 20 May Raising a HealthTech Round
Friday 21 May Second Networking Event

Week 6

Date Name
Tuesday 25 May Funding a B2C business
Thursday 27 May Raising a FinTech Round

Week 7

Date Name
Tuesday 1 June Raising a LawTech Round
Thursday 3 June Pitching Technical Products: Raising a round as a Deep Tech Startup

Week 8

Date Name
Tuesday 8 June Raising an AgriTech Round
Friday 11 June Final Networking Event

If you have any queries please do raise these by emailing, or in your application process.

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