Connecting industry specific corporates and start-ups

It's unclear how any industry will look in 5, 10, 15 years. What is clear is that it will not look like it does now.


A quick snapshot of our Bridge programme




In collaboration with CodeBase, we have developed a new programme, Bridge, that brings together some of Europe’s leading corporations and most promising start-ups.

Within Bridge, we’ve already launched LawTech, a ten month long intensive learning programme. This programme allows some of UK’s biggest law firms to share experiences and connect and learn with peers as well as start-ups in the law industry vertical.

Each of the ten modules is designed to expose the law firms and the LawTech start-ups to core strategic thinking and best practices and will cover relevant topics that ensure a valuable exchange about innovation.

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The Bridge Programme will give senior industry leaders the tools, confidence, and knowledge to face disruption head on.

Leaders that attend Bridge will learn from experts in disruption and start-ups as to how best to evaluate, respond, and lead effectively in this environment.


Senior business leaders who know that disruption is coming (or has already come) to their industry.


Bridge is facilitated by experts in the CodeBase network. Drawn from the world of technology and business, with expertise in scaling and fast-growth companies, the facilitators will change monthly with their area of expertise aligned to the topic of discussion.

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