Barclays Black Founder Accelerator Cohort 




We’re delighted to introduce the very first cohort of the Barclays Black Founder Accelerator. We have 25 Black-founder led pre-seed businesses participating in a 12-week immersive accelerator programme to help them to grow and scale.

Tendelo Ltd  

Tendelo Limited are creating a voice-recognition, bookkeeping and cash-flow management solution for informal business operators in the developing world.

Sendit.Money reinvents how people send and receive money from Sub-Sahara African into Europe and US.

Kilimo IoT

Their motivation is to create and improve indoor vertical farming techniques. They want to make this technique more accessible to farmers and individuals who want to grow their own food.


Symplifi are the first Neobank. They offer a full suite of financial products tailored to their unique cross border needs and offer Äì delivered through an innovative marketplace model.


BriteYellow saw an opportunity to create a better user experience on a smartphone through virtual and augmented reality for retail innovation. helps businesses extract data from any website without writing code using easy to use self-service tools.

Suada corporation Ltd

They have created the first education technology platform, that will include gamification from around the world.

Trutalent Ltd

Building a hiring platform that delivers a positive hiring experience with a specific focus on empathy and transparency.

Oliss Ltd 

Oliss is a e-learning platform offering live streaming classes for anyone willining to learn something new. Anytime. Anywhere.


Dumagus are building a solution that helps gym members to record their weight training workouts automatically. The easy and intuitive use of their system, and the data it provides allows for knowledge-sharing which helps members get the most out of their hard work in the gym whilst reducing the risk of injuries through improper use.

Lockr Space 

Lockr Space is an online marketplace for independent sports brands focusing on sustainable active wear.


An app that enables users to track equity by making it as easy as possible for individuals to found a start-up, find collaborators and track their time.

Piinky (Piinky Music Ltd)

At Piinky they are building the infrastructure for independent artists to thrive by building a next-gen music distribution and marketing platform for DIY artists. 

Medified Ltd

Medified are looking to reduce the loss to the NHS each year due to wasted medication, and they aim to reduce the annual cost of Diabetes to the NHS.


ScribePay is a payment solutions business with a mission is to give users control, security and peace of mind over their payments.

Nandi Nicole Ltd.

Within clean beauty remains a retailer shortage, lack of focus and understanding for the pain points that concern the Afrocentric consumer. As an online-only company, Nandi Nicole aims to set itself apart by utilising data and AI technology to source, suggest and manage the supply chain while aggregating and offering premium products to this community and beyond.

Epiphannie A Ltd

Epiphanniea is the UK’s first Black haircare and beauty price comparison site.

Loop Not Luck Ltd 

Loop Not Luck is a diverse talent recruitment platform inspired by a combination of experiences within the recruitment sector.

PlotPeer Ltd

The goal is for PlotPeer to provide alternative financing to emerging markets in the form of crowdfunding. Offering pre-vetted and unique investment opportunities in all aspects of property development.


Envaluate builds technology that helps consumers to measure their carbon footprint via their spending. Done through Open Banking and their unique Carbon Models, calculating a carbon footprint estimate for each transaction made.


Booklyst is a software app marketplace platform connecting service providers in the hair and beauty industry to clients.

Our Deep Skin LTD

Our Deep Skin is a skincare education company curated specifically for people with deep skin tones.

The Digital Purveyor Company

I-Purvey is a data driven platform that provides affordable, automated, and paperless compensation claims initiation, so that passengers can get their pay-out in the event of service disruption.

Sozo AI Limited

HealthyME enables healthcare professionals to remotely consult with their patients through video, audio or instant messaging, supporting healthcare communications in a world severely disrupted by the pandemic.


Developing simple, intuitive and bespoke solutions to programme Audio Visual control systems for commercial and residential projects.

We look forward to getting to know all the businesses and founders better over the coming weeks.

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