The challenges of being a solo founder in AgriTech

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Alicja Dzieciol, Founder and Director of SilviBio, on the lessons she has learned on her journey from idea to AgriTech startup in less than a year.

“I just started last autumn with a single idea, a concept for a solution to a problem that was in forestry”, says Alicja.

In 2019 Alicja founded SilviBio Limited, a company that develops moisture-retaining materials for seed coatings and soil conditioners. It aims to help farmers and forestry organisations efficiently grow plants even under dry conditions.

In this video she covers the challenges she has overcome as a solo founder, such as having to run day-to-day operations while developing the long-term vision, speaking to potential clients and collaborators, and running R&D programmes. Alicja also explains what skills are needed and shares tips on how to manage an early-stage startup.




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