AgriTech Members

Here is a flavour of the types of AgriTech businesses that are part of our ecosystem. Find out how we’re supporting UK’s agricultural sector through the promotion of new and emerging technologies.

BeoBia Ltd  

The future of home grown protein. The world's first truly sustainable insect growing pod.

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CropSafe completely removes the need to interpret complex satellite data on the farm. We collate multiple sources of satellite imagery and data, then translate it into actionable notifications, any farmer can understand.

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Crover is centred around the commercialisation of the first-ever proprietary technology for locomotion in bulk solids (e.g. sand, grains, powders), through which the Crover team has built the world’s first ‘underground drone’ (i.e. a CROVER).

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Farm Compare

Farm Compare launched in 2019 and already helps thousands of farmers to search and compare products in minutes by cutting out the stress of having to consult different websites and sources.

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FOTENIX are an ability provider, enabling smart operation of agricultural machinery. They combine cameras, deploying colours of light, with machine learning to monitor crop status, such as disease, in real-time.

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FreeUP creates Internet of Things (IoT) sensors (freeups) to measure the real-world and has an internet dashboard to display and summarise these measurements.

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Glas Data LTD  

Glas Data's product, Glas Core, is a dashboard which is capable of aggregating data from any source. We provide the tools to the agri sector to automatically ingest, analyse and visualise large amounts of data sets.

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Kilimo IoT Ltd

Started in 2020, Kilimo IoT is an Internet of things (IoT) company focused on revolutionising the agriculture industry.

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Liberty Produce

Liberty Produce is a business developing leading-edge vertical farming (VF) technologies that enable the growth of local produce year-round.

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RootWaves uses electricity to kill weeds as a sustainable and regenerative alternative to chemical herbicides.

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WESAF Energy is a Renewable Energy project developer, focused on developing high growth agro energy projects in developing countries.

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YAGRO are a dedicated team of farmers, entrepreneurs and technologists committed to helping farmers make better business decisions to increase their profitability.

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