Winter Mraz

Liverpool Eagle Lab

I’m the perpetually-bubbly American engineer of Eagle Labs, and a 3D Asset Artist/Graphic Design Artist (as well as being a Gamer Girl, with VR Development experience and quite a few nerdy tattoos).

Like all of the Engineers at Eagle Lab, I have a quite varied background and work history, which allows all us to work on new projects and business idea from all different angles. The expertise I bring to the table, along with being fluent in German, are over 10 years in business and project management, over 8 years’ experience in illustration and graphic design, as well as two Degrees; a BSc (First Degree Honours) in Games Modelling, Animation, and Effects, as well as having a previous BA (First Degree Honours) in International Marketing, Business Management, and Media Communications.

I have a long history in both charities and teaching, and am always looking for new projects that will help me get kids in to STEM, or come up with a creative new project. If you have any ideas you’ve doodled away on napkins or have had kicking around getting dusty, drop me an email, and together we can turn it in to something amazing!

My office hours are 10-6, Mon-Fri at our Eagle Lab in Liverpool. Ask for Winter at the front desk, I’m always here to help!


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Here at Eagle Labs, we're proud of our maker heritage and how we've helped businesses develop using the very latest technology combined with our outstanding talent.

Contact Winter if you’d like to find out more about Rapid Prototyping with Eagle Labs. What you imagine, we can help create.

Winter Mraz
Eagle Lab Engineer

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