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What up, crew! I graduated from the University of Portland in Oregon with a business degree in 2008, and studied film with a focus in stop/go clay animation at the North West Film Center.

Since then I travelled the world teaching people how to ski in Australia, working at the University of Texas (Austin) in the audio/visual tech department, teaching English and math in Shanghai, and volunteering in Peru.

Living in London for the past 5 years, I ran a lab for a robotics company which 3D printed Autonomous Guided Vehicles and Humanoid Robots (and was even featured on The Apprentice – Season 13, Episode 3).

My strengths are in 3D, CNC, and filmmaking (check out my YouTube channel “Joe Makes”)! So let’s build some prototypes with traditional tools, new technologies, or even in VR and make a fun video!


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Here at Eagle Labs, we're proud of our maker heritage and how we've helped businesses develop using the very latest technology combined with our outstanding talent.

Contact Joe if you’d like to find out more about Rapid Prototyping with Eagle Labs. What you imagine, we can help create.

Joe Krcma
Eagle Lab Engineer

+44 (0)7469 410 857 (mobile)

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