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After studying Digital Design at the University of Brighton, I spent 4 years working as a workshop manager at a sculpture fabrication studio.

This involved working on the production of museum and exhibition artworks in GRP, cast resin, bronzes and glass, as well as utilising 3D scanning and printing to complement traditional processes.

I’m very passionate about passing on skills and knowledge having taught design and engineering skills at an afterschool ‘inventors club’ for kids called MakerClub.

EdTech is another area I’m very involved in, looking at how technologies like VR and AI can be used to enhance learning experiences.

My main skills are 3D printing/scanning, AR/VR, rapid prototyping and graphic/product design. Let’s get making!


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Here at Eagle Labs, we're proud of our maker heritage and how we've helped businesses develop using the very latest technology combined with our outstanding talent.

Contact Andrew if you’d like to find out more about Rapid Prototyping with Eagle Labs. What you imagine, we can help create.

Andrew Pledger
Eagle Lab Engineer

+44 (0)7881 317 961 (mobile)

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