We believe in technology-led innovation to solve real pain points businesses face, and can help develop new products and services for your business.

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We’re here to help you develop technology-led innovation for your business.

With industries changing rapidly, businesses that are embracing new technology are future-proofing their growth. Barclays Eagle Labs engineers exist to unlock value from innovation and emerging technologies that create growth opportunities for your business.


 IoT & Electronics

 Advanced Manufacturing

 Virtual & Augmented Reality

What we do

Eagle labs makerspaces exist as a collaborative and creative work spaces for innovators, inventors and communities to learn, create and develop and test new ideas. These spaces can be accessed with the support of local teams or virtually through our Eagle Lab Engineers. 

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Our Facilities

Eagle Labs provide you with access to our facilities and engineers across the UK, both virtually and physically. Prototype new business ideas too investment and product launch, and find solutions to your business pain point.

  • Laser Cutters
  • 3D Printing
  • XR Equipment
  • Electronic Prototyping
  • 3D Scanners
  • Digital fabrication equipment
  • Vinyl Cutters

For more details on facilities at each Eagle Lab, check out our Labs.


Inductions may be required to use some of the equipment. 

Equipment / Engineer 



Laser Cutter

£20 per hour (+ VAT)

+ cost of materials

3D Printer (for standard PLA)

£2 per meter (+ VAT)

POA for special projects

Electronics Testing

£15 per hour (+ VAT)


1-2-1 Engineer Time

£30 per hour (+ VAT)


Vinyl Cutter (standard vinyl)

£4 per meter (+VAT)

POA for special projects

3D Scanners (occiptal only)

£5 per hour (+ VAT)


Heat Press

£5 per hour (+ VAT)

T-shirts & material provided by customer

If you have any queries:

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Eagle Lab Engineers

Meet our talented Engineers and find out what makes them tick

Our partners

Royal Academy of Engineers

RS Components

Eagle Labs are working with RS Components, the global electronics distributor to support innovation in communities, businesses and individuals.

RS Components share our passion in connecting like-minded people with different expertise to give access to powerful design tools and resources. The partnership shares the same ambitions to inspire the next generation of engineers, empowering businesses in the creation of rapid prototyping and addressing the low uptake of STEM subjects.

Members of Eagle Labs are able to access RS Component’s online community of engineers, DesignSpark.

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Our Lab team adds a personal and professional touch and is committed to empowering members in every possible way.

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