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The current climate is further accelerating the already rapid pace of change.

As Barclays Transform, our mission is to help our clients understand the wider trends affecting our shifting landscape, and deliver tailored programmes to support them as they adapt.

It’s business as unusual.


How we’re doing this:

  • We’re helping businesses understand the opportunities that emerging technologies can provide, and giving their colleagues the skills to harness them.
    Find out more about Digital Eagle Partnerships
  • We’re connecting start-ups and corporates with each other and the wider ecosystem to learn, co-create and drive innovation.
    Find out more about Bridge
  • We’re helping companies transform how they innovate, operate and think with our range of startup playbooks.
    Find out more about Gateway
  • We’re using user-centric design to define and evolve validated digital products and services end users really need.

We can help your business adapt to the new normal

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How did we adapt?

After over 300 years of business, we faced some tough challenges

Challenges came from all directions: internally, the weight of old processes and culture; externally, by challenger banks, mobile banking apps, changing regulatory landscapes and much more. 

We faced the risks, we were brave and we changed. We built a new vision of banking, both from an internal cultural perspective, but also as part of our role in society.

We created the Digital Eagle Programme to help our colleagues and evolve our culture


We built Eagle Labs* in old bank branches to help communities develop digital skills, build new businesses and create new jobs.


We partnered with investors and incubators to develop new products and solutions for our customers.


*One of the largest incubator networks in Europe with 24 separate sites and over 450 resident companies who collectively raised more than £230m in 2018.



Our Partner

CodeBase learned and grew by connecting 

Unencumbered by tradition and digitally native, CodeBase was built to help early stage companies grow. It’s a space where constant risks are being taken, new playbooks being used to build new companies, developing new products with pioneering new business models. 

CodeBase connected startups to VCs, startups to corporates, academia to startups, startups to partners. CodeBase is a super connector, aiding all parties to be bigger than the sum of their parts.

A perfect complementary partner to Barclays size, reach and tradition.



We can help your business adapt to the new normal

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