There is no perfect time to launch your startup

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The experience gained from moving forward with your business idea is invaluable, says Tim Brownstone, Founder and CEO of Kymira

Kymira is a smart textile company, which embeds functional elements, such as an electronic component or a piece of passive technology, into a yarn or material. It creates recovery-enhancing sportswear and fitness tracking wearables for athletes, among other products, and is a finalist for the Eagle Labs Innovation Award 2020.

In this video Tim discusses why there is only so much research and planning you can do before making the leap to launch your startup. He also talks about overcoming resource challenges and the future he sees for Kymira.

On being named a finalist for the award, Tim said, “It meant the most to us when we were comparing [ourselves] against who else had been shortlisted… because there are some really big names in there, names that are companies led by entrepreneurs that I've admired since starting on my journey.”




The Eagle Labs Innovation Award is part of the Barclays Entrepreneur Awards.

This year the event will be held virtually, on 26 November.

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