Organise your TEAM like the PROfessionals

TeamPro is a free online platform allowing sports teams to organise matches and automatically show player availability.

Our software removes the background from player images and videos, providing clubs their own video lineups and rolling news channel.

TeamPro launched in May 2016.

With the goal of making a free service, to help encourage more people to play amateur sports.

All through the use of ‘aspirational psychology’, letting people live their dreams of looking like professional sports start, whilst making life for their managers as easy as possible.

Since then, it has grown to have 34,000 users. Spread around the world, across 21 different sports.

TeamPro is currently growing by 21% every month. Putting it on course to reach 100,000 users by September 2017.

Why did you apply for the programme?

TeamPro is at the stage where it is preparing to move to the next level. The idea has been validated by thousands of users. Now, with the help of the program, it’s time to take the company to a stage of being a highly profitable tech business.

What are you looking forward to most during your time at Brighton Eagle Lab?

Luckily TeamPro has been based in the Brighton EagleLab since May 2016. So the chance to continue in such a great space for ideation and networking is amazing for the company.

Where do you see yourself and your business in 12 months time?

In 12 months the hope for TeamPro is to be one of the major players in the UK market for sports team management. Drawing enough income to be self sustaining.

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