Your daily
wellbeing checklist


These are tough times for everyone - but mindfulness can help tackle the stress associated with isolation, remote working and both personal and business concerns. Try these ten simple techniques every day to help boost your wellbeing.

Work slower but smarter

You may initially need to slow down in order to be mindful of the task at hand, but you should soon see productivity rise and your pace increase.

Become micro-mindful

Giving full attention to tiny moments will calm your mind. Even stirring a cup of tea can be an opportunity for mindfulness.

Accept stress

Observe strong emotions rather than fighting or suppressing them. Notice the fact that you’re stressed, then calmly address the cause.

Create prompts

Remind yourself to be mindful with a Post-it note on your desk, a private appointment in your calendar or a silent alarm on your phone.

Don’t fight the past

Accepting that you can’t change what has happened is incredibly liberating. Focus on thepresent and what you can do in the moment.

Start the day right

Take a moment and make the decision to be consciously present throughout the day.

Pause to say ‘thank you’

Look for opportunities to be appreciative and always express your thanks. As you become more mindful you’ll notice lots of opportunities for gratitude.

Find the silver lining

Look for the upside of a challenging situation and you won’t get stuck in a circle of negative thoughts.

Stop your mind wandering

Be aware of your senses to help keep focused on the work you are doing. That could be the feel of the pen in your hand or the sensation of breathing.

Question yourself

Be mindful of your own thoughts and don’t be afraid to challenge them. Are they based on facts or just beliefs? Could you take a more constructive approach?

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