Tips for limiting kids’ screen time during this time


Of course, putting a screen in front of your child may keep them quiet so you can take that all important conference call. But too much screen time isn't good for kids. So, here’s a few rules to put into play.

  • Make screen time predictable: have a set time in the schedule so children know when to expect screen time (like while you make breakfast or before nap time) and for how long.
  • Turn it off: Follow through when the scheduled time for screens is over, and don’t leave TV on as background noise. If the house feels too quiet, turn on some music instead.
  • Outside of the scheduled time block, only use screens when you choose it because you need it. Save screens for big moments, like when you have a conference call or dinner prep isn’t going well.

Take a look at some ideas to keep them offline and on track to learning without being glued to a screen.


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