How I manage a diverse workforce

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Lindsay Fisher, Co-founder at Sparkbox, explains how diversity helps balance teams and produce the best results. 

Watch time: 5 minutes

  • Start the diversity discussion early
  • Be the change you want to see
  • Consider the diversity profile of your investors

As an early-stage founder, the idea of building a diversity strategy can be quite daunting, but the important thing is to have those conversations with your team early to determine your values and then to go out into the world and proactively pursue the right candidates, says Lindsay Fisher, Co-founder of Sparkbox, a retail price optimisation and insights startup. Once you have your team in place, the next challenge is to get them having productive conversations. 

In this video, Lindsay explains the benefits of having a diverse team, the challenges we face in recruitment, how to accommodate different work styles and shares some practical tips along the way. To find out when to call in the professionals and make the first key hires in your business watch this video with Michael Boniface, Head of ONE CodeBase.


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