The 2021 startup
funding landscape

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Lindsay Duebendorfer, Investment Manager at Foresight, on the investment trends expected this year.

Watch time: 4 minutes

  • Why the outlook is more optimistic in 2021
  • Which industries could be set to attract investment
  • The long-term investment implications of remote working

After a challenging 2020 Duebendorfer is “optimistic” this year as the broader financial markets point to recovery, primarily driven by a successful vaccine rollout and an improved test and trace programme.

“For those companies that may have benefited the pandemic, namely tech or healthcare, investors are likely to focus on how sustainable these companies’ positions will hold post-pandemic,” she adds.

In this video Duebendorfer outlines which industries could thrive, the possible long-term implications of remote working and M&A levels.




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