Economic game changers for 2021: recession, government support, and currency trends

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William Hobbs, Chief Investment Officer for Barclays Investment Solutions, on the major economic issues that startup founders need to consider.

Watch time: 5 minutes

  • What the Covid economic shock has taught us about recessions
  • The measures government could provide to support business
  • Why currency trends are so difficult to predict but there are some protections

In this video Hobbs analyses the separate issues of recession, government support, and currency trends, how they are interconnected and the ways in which they will shape the economy for the next 12 months.

“Although the Covid recession was jaw dropping in how sharp the decline was, the recovery has been equally breath taking so far. The big thing that's helped is the response of policymakers. Governments stepped in very quickly to put large chunks of the economy into suspended animation,” says Hobbs.

“What it's shown is that while you can't avoid recessions, in terms of declines of output, you can significantly mitigate the effects they have on your population, even if it is quite costly from a balance sheet perspective.”




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