Apply for the Barclays Entrepreneur Awards 2021

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The nominations for the Barclays Entrepreneur Awards 2021 are now open, find out how to apply.

Now in their sixth year, the awards celebrate entrepreneurs for their exceptional innovation, and for creating social change and growth that’s moving the UK economy forward.

We have our own category - Eagle Labs Innovation - which is open to members of our network. You’re welcome to apply if you’re a current member, alumni, have participated in any of our UK or international programmes or have worked with our Engineers to create prototypes for your products.

What we’re looking for

Interested in applying? You’ll need to show us that your business is one of the following:

  • An accelerating UK business.
    You’ll have created growth and opportunity in the wider industry, and can prove that you’ve made an impact on the community.
  • Industry 4.0.
    You’ll have used the latest technologies to bring your ideas to life, developing designs that solve business or societal challenges. You’ll have reduced supply chain complexity or used rapid prototyping ideas to turn working prototypes into viable propositions.
  • Enabling innovative collaboration.
    You’ll have worked collaboratively across the Eagle Labs network to help disrupt business in your market. You’ll have supported established organisations through their digital transformational and helped foster a culture of entrepreneurship within traditional businesses.

Things to remember

  • Tell the story:
    The judges don’t know your business - so tell the whole story of how it started, what it’s achieved and where it’s going.
  • Keep it short:
    Keep your answers succinct, clear and transparent, and link them to the question being asked. Use bullet points when you have a number of points you are trying to get across.
  • Show your passion:
    We want your passion to shine through, so tell us about your business’s achievements, the impact you’ve made and what sets you apart from others.
  • Say it with numbers:
    Back up your nomination with data, stats, facts and figures to show the judges how your business has performed and is developing.
  • Plan ahead:
    Give yourself time to think about your response and gather the evidence you need to support your nomination.

Previous winners

Last year saw smart wearable company Kymira take the title. They innovate smart garments and textiles to protect and enhance the lives of the wearers and specialise in sport, medical and golf.



In 2019, Moodbeam from the Hull Eagle Lab won the Innovation award. They created a wearable device originally designed to track the mood of children - their ambition is to make it easier to understand and talk about how we feel. Find out more about Moodbeam here.

SureChill from the Cardiff Eagle Lab was the winner in 2018. They’ve designed a refrigeration system that doesn’t rely on power and is used to store vaccines in third-world countries. Find out more about SureChill here.

Apply now

The nominations portal will close on the 2 July 2021 and we encourage you to register and submit your nomination in as soon as you can.

We will announce the finalists in early September with the award ceremony taking place in October where we will announce the winner for the Eagle Labs Innovation category.

We wish you the best of luck.

Enter the Barclays Entrepreneur Awards.

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