MMC Ventures launch the second season of ‘Beyond The Hype’

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In partnership with Barclays, MMC Ventures have launched the second season of the AI podcast ‘Beyond The Hype’.

The team at MMC Ventures interviews the world’s leading AI technologists, AI entrepreneurs and corporate executives to go ‘Beyond the Hype’ and discuss the reality of Artificial Intelligence (AI) today, what is to come, and why it matters.

The second season of ‘Beyond The Hype’, MMC Ventures digs deeper into the practical realities of AI with the people and companies transforming today’s industries. This 9 part season explores a wide range of industries throughout the UK, covering such topics as, discovering the potential AI in Legal tech to AI’s role in reducing food waste.

Series 2 Podcasts

You can find ‘Beyond The Hype’ series on most podcast platforms today.

Find Seasons 1 & 2 on iTunes & Spotify.

  • Transforming Manufacturing
  • The role of AI in a circular economy
  • The potential for AI in Legal Tech
  • AI in enterprise
  • AI in the age of information overload


  • AI and its impact on the financial industry
  • AI’s role in reducing food waste
  • AI and cybersecurity
  • Predicting disease with AI


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