Today's most important technology: AI, an accessible video guide

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In partnership with Barclays, MMC Ventures have produced an accessible guide to today's most important technology, AI.

Through a series of short jargon-free videos, David Kelnar from MMC Ventures will describe what AI is, why it's important and why it has come of age today.

The series of videos explores the state of AI, the race for AI adoption, as well as the latest technological developments and their applications. Following unique insights into the European startups re-writing the rulebook, the series finishes with the implications of AI and the profound benefits and challenges it presents for companies, and for society itself.

For this first release, David Kelnar introduces the video series, including what to expect in future videos, with this editionís focus on the smart money flowing into AI technology. VC Investment into early stage AI companies has increased 15-fold in 5 years to an estimated $15bn in 2018, with leading technology companies also expected to be spending 2-4.5x greater than this on research and development. AI-led startups have proliferated since 2016 with 1600 European AI startups now in spread across the continent, with the UK positioned at the heart of this activity. 1/12 new startups now embrace AI as their core competency, with these AI companies now raising larger funding rounds. These metrics reflect the huge promise of this transformative technology as we see increasing disruption of traditional companies from startups driving this paradigm shift to AI.

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