Turning early stage startup mistakes into success

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Darren Fell, founder and CEO of Crunch, on the lessons he learned from early failures in founding two startups.

  • Learning the investment process and experience is key
  • Don’t lose enthusiasm but understand the risks
  • Why burnout is always a danger in early stage

Darren founded Crunch over a decade ago after selling his first business Pure360, an email marketing firm. Crunch is an award-winning cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping platform. It has a number of high-profile investors and its chairman is Michael Van Swaaij, who brought eBay to Europe.

In this video Darren shares what he learned from diving headfirst into launching a business in an industry he knew little about, why a making a lot of cash in the early stages can also have its disadvantages for a startup, how he coped with burning out, and more advice for founders.




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