Toolkit for
cyber security


There has been a reported rise in cybercrime since the coronavirus outbreak. This recorded webinar explains the different types of cyber threats your startup might encounter and how to reduce risk.

Eagle Labs has worked with the Barclays Specialist Client Solutions team to provide this webinar to help you protect your business from hacks, scams and cyber-attacks.

Why you need to be aware

A recent survey found that 44% of businesses suffered losses due to cybercrime, with an average of £35,000 lost. Find out how cybercrime could affect your business and how to mitigate the risks.

Many cyber criminals begin their attacks with social engineering – learn how to spot this type of fraud, so you can stop attacks before they start. 

The webinar discusses the four main types of attack: phishing and spear phishing, malware, impersonation fraud and data theft. You will learn simple steps to combating each threat.


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