The support female founders need to succeed

Watch time: 4 minutes

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Jackie Waring, CEO of Investing Women, on the practical steps needed to ensure female founders are given equal support.

  • Why the conversation around female founders and risk has to change
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for enough money
  • The UK needs to increase the number of female investors

There are two parts to the Investing Women organisation, that Jackie co-founded. Investing Women Angels is an all-female business angel group and Accelerate Her focuses on addressing the underrepresentation of women in the technology industry.

In this video Jackie discusses why contrary to the received wisdom, women are typically excellent risk managers. She also shares her expertise on how to get investment ready, finding the right mentoring, and why 15 years of evidence in the US proves the ‘echo effect’ of having more female investors, works.




Jackie is now available as a mentor to both Eagle Labs and Rise members through our partnership with AccelerateHER.

To organise a session please click here.

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