The path to product-market fit

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Everything you need to know about product-market fit.

Watch time: 5 minutes 

  • Break your idea down into constituent parts 

  • Try to kill your product with evidence 

  • Ask whether customers are desperate for your product 

A common mistake founders make is to think too much about the product and not enough about market fit, says Jim Newbery, Director of Product Innovation at Codebase whose job it is to help startups make compelling products. One of the best ways to get the right fit, he says, is to try and kill your idea using evidence. If it can’t be killed — you’re on to a winner. Anything else means it’s time to pivot. 

Watch this in-depth video interview for the key steps in finding product-market fit, mistakes founders commonly make when conceiving a product and what to do if the data doesn’t line up expectations. 



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