How I navigated the challenges and opportunities of going global

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A former NASA consultant explains why going global is all about the curated landing.

  • Human-machine collaboration is the future of financial services.
  • Going global is all about delivering a curated landing in each region or territory.
  • Read Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm for advice on entrepreneurial marketing.
  • Use culture to maximise every new connection in new territories.

Going global is not just a matter of pushing a button and seeing months of sustained revenue growth, says Ky Nichol, founder of work orchestration and observability platform Cutover. Instead it is about creating a detailed plan using mentors, advisors and board members so that you have a curated landing in each geography.

In this video Ky explains why the technological innovation he saw at NASA and the European Space Agency inspired him to found his own business, why each new market has its own set of challenges – plus he shares tips for startup founders looking to blast off into new territories.

You can listen to Ky discussing the collaboration with Barclays further on the Rise FinTech Podcast.




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