Tech to help you stay focused and productive at home


For small businesses working through this crisis remotely, productivity at home is key. Tools for time management and focus are helpful. Here are five of the best for founders to share with their teams.


This time tracker uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn how effectively you work on certain tasks and then makes informed recommendations based on your performance. By inputting your tasks for the day and setting a timer as you begin each one, the app helps you to see where you’re spending more time than necessary.


This app’s strength is in its simplicity. It shows you just how many times you visit distracting websites or apps and how much time each distraction took out of your day. It’s a stark reminder of how much time in a day can be lost to a casual scroll through Twitter.


The premium features on this app set it apart – it includes a blocker for distracting sites that can be set for certain times in the day, as well as a tracker for offline activity like long conference calls. The app has been around for years, lasting the test of time because it’s so useful. Helpful features include goal setting and alerts for too many hours spent on distracting sites.


Like many productivity boosters, this app blocks distractions on any given website. It also goes one step further than many, with the ability to block – if you choose – access to the Internet completely on all devices. If drastic action is needed to stop procrastination, this app could suit.


The Pomodoro technique is certainly nothing new. The principle for the interval-based time management system was developed in the 1980s and has sprung up over the years in multiple different apps. At its simplest, users set a timer for a 25-minute period of work and then have a five-minute break. After every four rounds of this, take a longer break. Some of the best apps to help with this technique include PomoDone; Focus To-Do; and Marinara Timer, which is great for teams.

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