Profit with purpose:

What I learned taking my social impact startup to market

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Jayne Sibley, Co-founder at Sibstar, explains how dementia in the family inspired the launch of her business. 

Watch time: 4 minutes 

  • Find the right partners and talent

  • Large corporates want market data before funding you 

  • Lean into lived experience where possible 

Sibstar is an app and debit card that helps people living with dementia manage their everyday spending. Co-founder Jayne Sibley had the idea for the startup after both of her parents were diagnosed with the disease. After struggling to protect them from overzealous spending, scams and excessive charitable giving, she was inspired to find a way to help dementia sufferers retain some financial independence while protecting the bulk of their hard-earned savings.

In this video, Jayne discusses the challenges of launching a profit-making business with a social purpose at its core, the challenge of getting the attention of large corporates, how she won a place on the Alzheimer's Society Accelerator Programme and the importance of having good partners. 



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