Keeping the Eagles flying - Part 3

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Today (Monday 20 April) was an important day for startups across the UK with the announcement around Future Fund and Innovate UK.

You can read more about it here, but in summary:

  • The Future Fund, delivered in partnership with British Business Bank, will offer startups bridging loans of between £125,000 and £5m 

  • There will also be £750m in grants and loans for smaller businesses focused on research and development.

It is much needed support for the UK tech startup community and covers a gap that the other schemes including CIBILs had left. It’s also an initiative that we know has been positively shaped by many across the industry and while I had hoped that this was coming, like most, the details of the scheme were only made available once the announcement was made on Monday.

My focus now is to find ways in which we can help our community access these schemes if they need it. We’ve made a start, but would love to hear more from you on what you think.

Our starting point is to support with:

  1. Online content providing insight into eligibility
  2. Webinars with Barclays and industry experts
  3. Funding readiness programme, supported by Capital Enterprise

While the crisis has created many, many challenges across the world, it has also created some opportunities which we can be optimistic about.

Eagle Labs is proud to be supporting UCL, Edinburgh University and Codebase in identifying startups with innovative solutions that can be used to help the NHS cope with unprecedented demand. So far we’ve had over 100 ideas submitted to our HealthTech response initiative by startups from across our network of which several have been shortlisted for testing.

The attitude, ingenuity and motivation of our partners and the startup community is nothing short of amazing and I feel quite privileged to see and hear what is going on. This includes the insight of two professors who are combining working intensive wards with reviewing innovative ideas from the HealthTech Response partnership. Click here to find out more.

Jon Hope
Co-founder Eagle Labs

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