How to survive without pivoting


Joe White, Moonfruit co-founder and General Partner of Entrepreneur First, on why pivoting may not be the answer.

If your startup is growing during the Covid-19 crisis because your product is suddenly in demand, that’s a great position to be in – but if not, don’t act too hastily, says entrepreneur, investor and tech executive Joe White.

“If it’s a huge leap of crazy pivoting imagination that destroys what was otherwise a perfectly well thought through plan, don't jump on that bandwagon. Get lean, get focused and stick to your vision. You're just going to need to be patient, to get through it and wait for the momentum to come back to you,” he said during an Eagle Labs panel discussion on Raising and Surviving a Market Crash.

He was joined by Steve Bochner, Partner and former Chief Executive Officer at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, and Mark Harrison, International Connectivity Lead for Eagle Labs at Barclays Ventures.




You can also watch the entire conversation here.


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