Hints and tips on sharing your startup idea and pitching to businesses


“Everybody believes their idea is the next big thing,” says lean startup specialist Andy Robinson, “but 90% of new products fail.”

In this fireside chat Andy, who’s the Development Lead at Deliveroo, talks to Eagle Labs’ International Connectivity Lead Mark Harrison to discuss how refining ideas, questioning assumptions, getting your product out there and pitching to businesses can help you succeed.

The wide-ranging chat covers:

  • Truly empathising and understanding a business’ challenges
  • The need to question your own assumptions
  • Get your idea out there early, even if it’s not ‘ready’
  • Find the right people: the decision makers who prepared to take a risk on you
  • Don’t give up: approach people in a targeted way, and keep at it - you have to be creative to get in the door
  • Rejection is OK - you can build from it. Don’t take it personally.
  • Don’t be scared to say ‘no’ - make sure your startup and and any potential client are a good fit
  • How to get your value proposition right




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