Emma-Jane Flynn on the potential benefits of Workfinder


With businesses facing challenging times ahead, Emma-Jane Flynn tells us how harnessing student talent could be the way to get ahead in the new norm.

By EJ Flynn, Commercial Director at Workfinder

This summer we are facing a unique situation. Thousands of students are missing out on vital work experience, according to research by the Institute of Student Employers, the impact of Covid-19 has resulted in more than two-thirds (68%) of work experience opportunities being cancelled. The impact to this generation’s future employment prospects could be severe.

Yet, these students are highly motivated with skills and aptitude to assist growing companies. Businesses also understand that while academic qualifications matter, it is a young person’s approach to working life – their communication skills, resilience and willingness to participate – which sets them apart. But we can only expect this of young people if we help them see and understand the workplace in advance.

On the other hand, all businesses face challenging times ahead, with limited budgets and resources. However, if they are to survive and even thrive in this environment then they will need to get vital work done this summer. This is especially prevalent in startups and scale ups. Businesses can ask students to work on key projects such as digital content creation, social media, lead generation, market mapping, UX/product testing and development, design collateral and much more.

Forward thinking employers, conscious that not only is there this immediate need to get work done but also that there is an opportunity to secure the brightest people early, are bringing students in to work on projects remotely this summer.

Virtual working allows businesses to access talent from across the UK and wider, introducing students to how many businesses will most likely be working in the future. With over 2million students in the UK due to enter the labour market in the next few years, this moment provides businesses an excellent opportunity to drive their business forward, support this next generation, and build a future talent pipeline.

Recognising the challenge for businesses to secure early access to talent, Workfinder offers a technology solution that provides the opportunity to make these positive changes systemic. We focus on improving employment prospects for young people from all backgrounds by matching them with high-growth companies through our platform.

This summer we have designed a programme of nine projects that support growth businesses. We match relevant students to work for you remotely on short, two week projects such as lead generation, marketing support, market research, social media, product testing and many more. We will support you from start to finish with full project briefs, schedule templates and best practice guides to ensure you get the most out of the experience.

Eagle Labs have partnered with Workfinder to connect their members with student talent, find out more about the partnership and how to sign up here.

About EJ Flynn

Emma-Jane is passionate about enterprise and scaling businesses. Previous to Workfinder she helped scale a European wide tech platform, running teams in both the UK and Benelux and then went on to run The Supper Club for 7 years, a membership club for scale up founders/ CEOs. She loved supporting fast growth business owners and their teams and meeting some of the country's most inspiring minds on a daily basis.

She has since joined the founding team of Workfinder, a startup on a mission to revolutionise work experience by giving young people, whatever their background, access to amazing companies though their app.

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