Coaching techniques to help founders improve their performance and resilience

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Lucy Mullins shares a 5-step approach to tackle the challenges of running a startup.

As co-founder of property startup Stepladder, Lucy Mullins is no stranger to the many demands of being an entrepreneur. She is also a qualified professional coach and co-founder of Ride the Wave Professional Coach Training.

In this video she shares the WAVES approach to analysing and addressing the problems and challenges that are inevitable in a founder’s life:




When faced with challenges, Mullins suggests that founders ask themselves the following questions as part of the five-step WAVES approach.

1. WAIT and consider

  • What’s really happening now?
  • What assumptions are you making and how can you check they are correct?
  • What are you not seeing?
  • What other explanations could there be?
  • What is of most importance to you now?
  • What outcome would you like?

2. ASSEMBLE your resources

  • What do you know about yourself that could help you ride this wave?
  • What’s your superpower?
  • What physical, social and psychological resources do you need?
  • What might be missing and how will you fill that gap?
  • Who is in your support team?
  • What do you not need?

3. VOYAGE with determination

  • How can you get your body and mind working together for peak performance?
  • How can you stay flexible?
  • What do you need to keep your balance?
  • How will you manage your energy?
  • How will you know when you are in danger of wiping out?
  • How do you stay on the crest of the wave?

4. EXPERIENCE the peaks and troughs

  • What are you experiencing?
  • How does this fit with what you were expecting to experience?
  • What is energising you? • What is draining you?
  • What are you learning about yourself and the situation?
  • How can you use this new knowledge to greatest effect?

5. STRENGTHEN to surf again

  • What do you know now that you didn't know before you rode that wave?
  • What repairs need to be made before you are ready to ride the next wave?
  • What do you need to feel ready to ride the next wave?
  • Which of your personal strengths will be most helpful to you going forward?
  • What or whose support would strengthen/refresh you now?
  • How will you know that you are ready for the next wave?

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