Startups should offer support to navigate Covid-19

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Trying to support your industry where possible during Covid-19 is vital, says Kate Stott, Founder & Director of BeautyBooker.

BeautyBooker is a business-building app to encourage customer bookings for hair, beauty and nail salons, and spas in the North East of Scotland. The company is also a finalist for Eagle Labs Innovation Award. In this video Kate discusses the difficulties of being a solo founder in challenging times and why it pays to be brave.

She also discusses the importance of supporting the industry and her plans for the future. Kate has also recently launched a support group for hair and beauty professionals within Scotland.

On being a finalist for the awards, Kate said, “I think it's really important that people are recognised for hard work, especially through these times. So to make the shortlist myself has been fantastic and it's been a lovely pat on the back for some hard work that that we've been doing with the company over the past six months.”




The Eagle Labs Innovation Award is part of the Barclays Entrepreneur Awards.

This year the event will be held virtually, on 26 November.

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