Under the Spotlight:

Olivia Hughes

We're delighted this week to have one of the longest standing residents of Eagle Labs in our Under the Spotlight interview. Secret weapon of Cambridge Coding Academy, large-lung-capacity-Kiwi and a ball of energy that's a friend to all... Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Olivia Hughes.

Tell us a bit about how Cambridge Coding Academy (CCA) have personalised their office space here at the Labs. 

It’s all about establishing our team culture and creating the CCA “Base”. Raoul (CEO) initiated the process and ordered a massage chair for the team. Chih-Chun (Head of Education) brought a slight Space theme to the space. Then each team member selected a poster for the walls. We have a makeshift armory of nerf guns (for surprise attacks) and a “cozy corner” of beanbags, pillows and our prized CCA cube. Everyone in the team has had an influence and the space reflects the CCA Family.

What is your role at CCA?

Each one of us has a core responsibility and everything we do comes down to the combined efforts of the team. I'm responsible for scaling our academic network and learning community. Alongside that, I lead marketing, design and communications.

And how are you expanding this academic network?

With lots of experimenting! We focus on creating a platform for individuals to upskill and become more employable, so we run regular free community events and Data Science Tech Talks. Bringing in awesome speakers at awesome venues in Cambridge and London, which are getting great turn-outs. We then follow up with recommended reading lists and tutorials to support individuals looking to learn more about Data Science.

How do you stay up to date with new marketing techniques?

I use Flipboard, an app which aggregates blogs and articles into topic categories. UX articles and marketing tips that come on my feed are useful... but it can be a bit hit and miss! I also follow a range of Machine Learning topics to share on our social media.

What do you enjoy most about working at Eagle Labs?

The people... they're everything. Good people and great banter!

Is there any upcoming news from the CCA camp we could get an exclusive on?

We're preparing for a massive product launch. It will be announced next Friday... DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!

Today is national pastry day. Are you a sausage roll or a pork-pie kind of gal?

Neither. I don't really like pastry! Sweet pastry is more tolerable, but I've never had a good pastry. However, I’ve never been to France and I bet the pastries are really good there.

If you could have the powers of King Midas, what would you choose to turn things into?

Can they turn into nicer versions of themselves? You know, like better people. Or If you touched a table, it would improve and upgrade immediately. Your plane tickets would change to first class. You could fix a lot of things. Everything and everyone would step up!

What is your favourite film of 2016?

Deadpool. Love it...

You're quite an active person, ever taken part in any unusual sports? 

Well, I used to play underwater hockey. It's played with flippers, a mask and snorkel, a small hockey stick and the weighted puck on the bottom of the pool. You have to get really good at holding your breath and swimming really fast underwater. Basically, you dive to the bottom of the pool, try to push the puck to the opposite side and do a fancy wrist flick into the goal. There's about 8-10 people on each team, but you sub in and out so people can take over while you catch a breath. 

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