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EnergyTech Programme Timetable


The two-week programme has been designed to teach EnergyTech businesses the fundamentals of raising early stage, institutional funding in the US, through a series of tailored webinars.

Week One

Date Time (GMT) Topic
Mon 8 Nov 15:30-15:45 Introduction / Logistics
  15:45-16:00 Barclays Introduction
  16:00-16:30 Silicon Valley 101
  16:30-17:30 What Does it Mean to Hustle?
  17:30-18:30 An Investor's Perspective on the Energy Tech Market
Tue 9 Nov 15:30-16:30 How Silicon Valley VCs Evaluate Startups
  16:30-17:30 Founder Stories I
  17:30-18:00 Introduction to GBx
Wed 10 Nov 15:30-16:30 Anatomy of a Pitch: UK vs. US
  16:30-17:30 Founder Stories II
  17:30-18:00 Introduction to London and Partners
Thu 11 Nov 15:30-18:30 Pitch Feedback I: Tailoring Your Deck for Silicon Valley Investors

Week Two

Date Time (BST) Topic
Mon 15 Nov 15:30-16:00 Week 1 Debrief
  16:00-17:00 Energy Tech VC
  17:00-18:00 US vs UK Fundraising: SEIS, SAFE and Everything In-Between
Tue 16 Nov 15:30-16:30 Why is Fundraising Different in the Silicon Valley? / How to Run a Process
  16:30-17:30 Roadmap to a Successful Fundraise
  17:30-18:00 Introduction to DIT
Wed 17 Nov 15:30-16:30 Founder Stories III
  16:30-17:30 Founder Stories IV
  17:30-18:00 Week 2 Debrief / Pitch Session Q&A
Thu 18 Nov 15:30-18:30 Pitch Feedback II: VC Pitch Feedback Session
  18:30-19:00 Closing Remarks

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