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Demistifying Industry 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) comprises the future of manufacturing, business and technology. It encapsulates advances in automation, data exchange, connected devices, advanced manufacturing and much more. It isn’t just ‘making things in the future smarter and connected’, it’s happening today and already transforming the fabric of society.


Industrial Revolutions

As the name suggests, there have been three industrial revolutions and we’re already in the fourth industrial revolution.

1st Industrial revolution


2nd Industrial revolution

 Mass production

3rd Industrial revolution

and automation

4th Industrial revolution

physical systems

Key Technologies of Industry 4.0

Below are the nine key technologies of Industry 4.0.
Click on them to find out more about each.


IoT & Electronics

Advanced Additive Manufacturing

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Smart Factories (IIoT)


Robotics & Automation

Voice Recognition

Bio Tech & Nano Tech


Eagle Labs are here to support you better understand and utilise these technological developments. We can provide the technical expertise, facilities, learning content and introductions to help you unlock the potential of the technical trends associated with Industry 4.0 as outlined above.

Our Facilities

A number of our Labs have the equipment and expertise to help you design, develop and prototype intelligent products in a rapid fashion.



Tool room



Laser cutter


3d printing


Electronics Prototyping





Design Support


Innovation sessions


3d scanning

For more details on facilities at each Eagle Lab, check out our locations.

If you’d like to discuss how we can support your product developments.

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Eagle Lab Technicians

We're proud of our maker heritage and how we've helped businesses develop and refine their products and services using the very latest technology. Our talented on-site Engineers act as makers, fabricators, thinkers, developers and designers to support the visionaries and entrepreneurs who shape the future with their innovations and are able to create prototypes faster and generally cheaper than through traditional methods.

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