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Norwich Eagle Lab

Floor 2, St James Mill, Norwich, NR3 1TN

The partnership between Barclays and WhiteSpace will give Norfolk entrepreneurs and the wider community access to a facility that will help them experience the potential of cutting edge technology and will encourage them to think about how it could be applied to the creation of innovative future solutions.

With a range of support services, including access to expert mentoring, and cutting edge technology this means businesses will have the tools they need to rapidly produce and test prototypes without having to import from overseas, which can significantly reduce the time and cost taken from concept to market.



Laser cutter

3d printing

Vinyl cutter

Events Space & Incubator




Full membership

Free if paying for a desk
Full Member, providing a dedicated desk on a monthly rental basis, including free WiFi, shared use of meeting rooms and common room. Paid for access to the Board room. Free access to regular WhiteSpace events

Associate membership

Digital/Creative/Tech Sector: £50 per Annum
Non-Tech Sector:  £150 per Annum
Associate member, providing visitor access to the hot desking area, common and meeting rooms and regular monthly meetup events. This is ideal for either sole traders needing occasional use of the workspace or large organisation looking to be part of the growing local sector support network. Associate membership allows free access to WhiteSpace events & includes 10 hours of free visitor access (per annum) to hot desk and communal facilities

What is included at the Incubator

  • Access to all Eagle Labs across the UK & Free Maker Space membership
  • Be part of a maker builder grow community
  • Access to a Business Manager on site
  • Access to Barclays Business Training
  • Fully equipped Maker Space and discounts on machine costs
  • Access to meeting spaces


  • Digital Eagle Support
  • Technical Support
  • Mentoring & coaching from growth specialists
  • Progressive, like-minded community
  • Professional network links and introductions


All prices are correct as at 1st September 2016 but subject to change without notice

*Costs exclusive of VAT


Desks Price  
Hot Desk per visit per person per 4 hours £10.00  
Full Desk: Digital/Creative/Tech sector per month £150.00 £150 damage deposit in advance
Full Desk: Non Tech sector Per month £225.00 £150 damage deposit in advance


Meeting room Price
per hour £10.00


Board room Price
Per hour £10.00
4 hours £30.00
Per day £40.00


Equipment per Hour Non Business Banking Customers Price
Laser £20.00
3D printer £15.00
Vinyl cutter £20.00
121 support £45.00


Non-Tech WhiteSpace Member/ Barclays Banking Customer 10% Discount Price
Laser £18.00
3D printer £13.50
Vinyl cutter £18.00
121 support £40.50


Digital Tech WhiteSpace Member 20% discount Price
Laser £16.00
3D printer £12.00
Vinyl cutter £16.00
121 support £36.00


The Maker Space and Equipment with Rapid prototyping

The space where we can make your ideas come to life with Rapid prototyping and design experts at hand.

Our Maker space is packed with the newest tech and ready to help you make ideas. With a full set of wood working and digital fabrication equipment there isn’t much you will be wanting for.

3d printer

Laser cutter

Tool room

Vinyl cutter



Floor 2, St James Mill, Norwich, NR3 1TN
No on-site Parking
Norwich Train Station


Meet our members

What’s going on in the Lab


Lab Contacts

We’re here to help you with 9am to 6pm access to our Maker Space and a range of support services including access to mentors and funding opportunities at our Lab based at WhiteSpace Norwich.

Our Lab team adds a personal and professional touch and is committed to empowering members in every possible way.

Anthony Pryke
Norwich Eagle Lab Eco System Manager

07775 554 349 (mobile)


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