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We chat to Olga Beck-Friis (COO, Head of UK) & Kira Unger (CEO) at Eagle Labs LawTech member PocketLaw.

Tell us about PocketLaw.

PocketLaw is an all-in-one digital solution for solving your company's everyday legal needs. In our platform, you get automated contracts, digital legal guidance, a contract management system, and access to lawyers. We cover all the legal you need to build and grow your business, with 80+ templates in HR & employment, data privacy & UK GDPR, commercial agreements and corporate documentation. PocketLaw makes legal accessible and affordable, allowing you to use legal to support your company’s growth.

When did you start your business?

We founded PocketLaw back in 2018 in Stockholm, when Kira worked as an M&A lawyer at Mannheimer Swartling, and I as a management consultant at McKinsey. We identified a gap in the market of legal tech solutions - there was no solution focused on helping SMBs with their everyday legal needs. After receiving quick customer traction and product market fit, we decided to launch in our second market, being the UK. During summer 2021, we launched the platform and opened up our London office. I have moved over to lead the efforts on the ground.

What's been your biggest highlight?

The biggest highlight is always to get feedback and love from our customers on how we create value for them by providing a more accessible and affordable alternative to traditional legal services. Our UK launch has also been a great experience, with quick traction and overwhelmingly positive response from British companies. We feel that we're onto something big and really exciting, and cannot wait to continue transform the legal industry!

What's been your biggest challenge?

UK is a big market, and compared to Sweden, it is harder to cut through the noise and get our message across to all those companies out there in need of legal support.

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

Dare to test your idea / product (a bit too) early with relevant stakeholders - potential customers, investors, and employees. You should always be a bit embarrassed of your first product - if not, you've been waiting too long to perfect it, and might be missing out on crucial feedback on what to change to find product market fit. No idea is perfect, and the real value comes from testing, improving, testing, improving...

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