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We talk to LexSnap founder Dr Tetiana Bersheda about their business.

Tell us about LexSnap.

At LexSnap we believe everyone who needs legal support should have access to justice, specifically clear information to better understand what their problem requires. Our solution was to create simple, jargon-free information, using Artificial Intelligence and our virtual team’s wealth of experience, including some of the UK’s best solicitors. Whether clients are seeking divorce lawyers, information to get started on making a will, questions relating to their tenancy agreements or would simply like a contract reviewed, we have valuable legal advice prepared by the leading UK solicitors and delivered by the technology for free.

To help professionals concentrate on higher added-value advice, LexSnap has developed AI- search engine for legal data to answer repetitive questions most accurately and instantly. We work with legal professionals to understand how they can better leverage existing data. In doing so, we create bespoke solutions by embedding a bot or a search bar into existing platforms. The technology quickly extracts relevant, accurate information from the databases therefore enabling businesses to harness valuable insights and save time. Using LexSnap search tool increases productivity, improves the quality of work and substantially reduces labour costs for any legal team whilst still maintaining valuable client relationships.

How long have you been an Eagle Labs member?

Since August 2018.

When did you start your business?


What's been your biggest highlight?

Seeing the result of our AI technology, in particular how our NLP search engine improved the efficiency of one of the major international online legal knowledge databases.

What's been your biggest challenge?

Raising awareness about our product and how it can improve the provision of legal services for all actors involved from individual and corporate clients to law firms and in-house counsel.


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