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Contract Mill


Kaisa Kromhof - Founder & CEO chats to Eagle Labs LawTech about Contract Mill.

Tell us about Contract Mill.

Contract Mill was founded in 2016 to solve our own problem that the markets were missing a modern, state of the art document automation solution that would combine ease of use to powerful logic.

As chronically busy lawyers, we would have needed a product that did not require extensive IT skills and resources to implement, and which could have easily been taken as the basis to build scalable, digitally supported service delivery both for in-house use and for use cases with external clients. Because such a product did not exist, we decided to build it: A product that we would have loved to use ourselves - beautifully designed, self-explanatory to use, fun to work with and accessible for everyone.

Now Contract Mill is used around the world both by law firms and in-house legal departments and our innovative client-facing features bring our clients´ automated content to new groups of users that could not have been served before. This means not only good business but also great possibilities to improve access to justice.

When did you start your business?


What's been your biggest highlight?

Brining out the version 2.0 of CM with fully visual automation interface and raising Seed Round practically in 2 weeks with internationally known angel investors.

What's been your biggest challenge?

Life of an entrepreneur and startup life in general are full of challenges but at the same time, it is very rewarding when you solve those problems and see how your idea and company starts to fly. It is hard to say what would have been the biggest challenge, you just need to be resilient and trust your instinct to overcome the challenges that come along the journey.

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

Trust your instinct but be open and adapt fast. There is no short-cut to experience but talking with people who are/have been entrepreneurs helps to understand that the journeys often have similarities.

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