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Hi and welcome to our first Lab Bytes of 2018.

We continue to bring you a mixture of evergreen content and the very latest thoughts from across the field. This month we delve deeper into APIs using the art of Lego and see MIT Professor Bill Aulet’s step approach to building a company as well as hear from VR pioneer, Jaron Lanier.

As ever, we are trying to sharpen the focus and make the newsletter ever more focused on helping you, so do send us your feedback and ideas for future content.

CodeBase has curated the best video, blog and podcast content to help you focus, do more and avoid reinventing the wheel. Enjoy!

Jon Hope

Eagle Labs Director
















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In other news

Barclays Scale Up UK Programme

Are you a fast-growing business looking to take your growth strategy to the next level?  Our High-Growth & Entrepreneurs team has partnered with Cambridge Judge Business School to create the Barclays Scale-Up UK Programme to help founders and management teams tackle the core challenges of rapid growth head on.

Find out more about the:
Barclays Scale-Up UK programme

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