Josh Bannerman

Notting Hill Gate Eagle Lab

With the initial setup period of the Notting Hill Eagle Lab complete and Fab Lab London’s role here coming to an end, I will be sticking around for the next few months to provide technical support to the residents and a smooth transition while Barclays recruit the perfect permanent technician.

To this end here are a few words about me, my skills and background to give an insight into how I may be of assistance.  

As a product designer with a ‘human-centred’ approach and a passion for early-stage prototyping I'm fascinated by materials, processes and mechanisms as much as communication, user interaction and human behaviour. Here at the lab I can support our residents with CAD modelling, 3D printing, laser-cutting and other rapid-prototyping and CNC technologies, as well as more traditional materials and processes.

I can also help with the development of electronics and coding for physical computing and IoT connected devices. I can help to devise and build working prototypes from proof-of-concept models through to testing and development iterations.

What’s more, the tools and processes available in the lab are ideal for creating branded material, from signage to merchandise and business cards, to a highly professional standard to help promote you and your business.

In parallel to actively designing and making, I play a role in the educational side of our work at the lab, supporting workshops and events which aim to engage and empower the local community across all ages with the skills, confidence and inspiration to repair, make, code and create their own products. We are currently exploring ways to expand this programme of events and community engagement.

Please come and say hello, tell me about your projects, ask me questions and make something in the workshop!

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